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Fortnite is a multi-genre sandbox game from Epic Games. Although it was released quite a long time ago in 2017, it does not lose its popularity these days, especially since the developers regularly release updates. It is mainly famous for the Battle Royale mode, in which you, together with 99 participants, fight for survival. Get ready to explore the cartoon world, collect resources and weapons, fend off monsters, and defend your territory.

Battle, Create, and Save the World

The developers managed to combine several game genres in one project at once. Fortnite has three modes that are very different from each other: Save the World, Creative, and Battle Royale. The first one is a player-versus-environment cooperative game. You have to explore the world in an alternative universe, where almost the entire population becomes extinct, and the remaining handful tries to fend off regular zombie attacks. Rescue the survivors, upgrade your character, develop technologies, build fortifications, collect resources, and complete missions. In general, almost everything here is like in classic RPGs.

The name of the Creative mode speaks for itself. It is intended for those players who want to give free rein to the imagination and build their own theme island with an arena for battles and unique rules. If you wish, you can team up with friends and make a complex world using in-game resources. Epic Games encourages this activity, so you can offer your island as a playable location. If the representatives of the company like your map, they will make it available to all players. You can visit other users' islands as well.

Kill Them All

The Battle Royale mode deserves special attention, which brought popularity to the game. It is one that developers update most often. And if the second chapter with its many innovations could disappoint someone, in general, this mode continues to attract new users. As in any survival game, the rules are as simple as possible: kill everyone. To do it, you need to run around the map, collect resources, and upgrade weapons. If you have the time and desire, you can even go fishing and catch a healing fish or bullets.

The game is complicated by the fact that the active zone gradually decreases due to the coming storm. If you fall under its poisonous effects, you will die. So you won't be able to sit in cover while the players kill each other; you will have to move. You can play solo, with a friend or team up as a small squad. These variants have separate servers so that single gamers will never interfere with team fighters. The surviving person (or group) wins the bout.

Fight All Day Long

Fortnite continues to grow the audience with its cool modes and regular updates. And not to mention the increased variety of skins: Flash from Marvel, Ripley from Alien, Ryu from Street Fighter, and many others. All in all, it will not be boring!

Overall Score: 5


4.3 / 5

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